Will Liverpool Crack under Pressure?

Liverpool has been flourishing all season, winning games and have been on top for the better part of the season, but with the new year day defeat to Manchester City, their season has taken a turn for the worse. Within that period and now, City have dropped points but Liverpool had failed to capitalize and dropped points also, most recent, City lost to Newcastle and Liverpool failed to beat Leicester City to increase their lead at the top.

City beat Arsenal to close the gap to 2 points but Liverpool drew against West Ham to go three points ahead. City played a game ahead during the week and defeated Everton to go top of the table with the same points as Liverpool but better goal difference and head to head.

Liverpool will face Bournemouth in a must win game as they will look to improve their standings, With City facing Chelsea on Sunday and a possibility of them dropping points the Reds has to capitalize on this. Bournemouth are a very tricky side and Liverpool will have to keep their heads and get the results if they hope to win the league at the end of the season.

Liverpool have a fight on their hands now until the end of the season, they are alive only in the UCL but face one of the toughest tasks of beating Bayern Munich (Shadow of what they ones was) to proceed to the next round. The Reds are boosted with the return of their Captain Henderson and Trent Arnold back to training with Oxlade Chamberlain also returning to training (Will need up to 3 weeks to regain full fitness after being out for up to a year).

Klopp will have to rotate his squad and keep them fresh as every game they play now until the end of the season is like a cup final. They should not only be concerned about City but Tottenham who are breathing down their necks and are getting results despite Alli and Kane being out until March.

The big question for all Anfield faithful is if they trust their manager to bring home the silver ware after he has failed to win them any title despite taking them to multiple cup finals. Liverpool has a team with players who are yet to win any title except for James Milner (With Manchester City) and a manager who has lost his last 6 finals, and barely finished top 4 last season in the league.

Liverpool has invested a lot in this side, they have the best forward in the league, most expensive defender in Van Dijk (arguably the best defender in the league this season) and most expensive goalkeeper in Allison. They have enough fire power to finally win the EPL after their 30 years wait, but can they pull it off?

 Liverpool quality and ability are never in question, but psychologically, they need to work on their selves and go into each game with the right mindset and not force anything. With everything going on around them, their failure of a manager, the jinx of always bottling the league, they need to do the talking on the field and try to regain their form they had at the beginning of the season and hopefully finish the season as Champions.

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