He is a Coward- Fan blast Ernesto Valverde

He is a Coward- Fan blast Ernesto Valverde

Barcelona has won 6 games out of 6 in this season but some Barcelona supporters have been complaining about the team, how they play and how they need to improve if there is any chance of them winning the UCL title again since 2015. Last year quarter final defeat, a painful one is still fresh in the memories of a lot of Barcelona fans including me but I have moved on, but not everyone is ready to move on completely.


I had a chat with Oluwaseyi David after Barcelona UCL win against PSV. We discussed Valverde, the club, and the chances the club has of achieving their goals this season.


Seyi is a Barcelona supporter who fell in love with Barcelona because of the magical Messi. Their has been talks about identity crisis facing Barcelona over the past few years and them losing their identity & philosophy slowly since the departure of Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova, he had this to say, ‘About the philosophy I will put the blame first on Valverde our coach, he is a very tactical coach but a coward, Barca style is to attack but he doesn’t know that, instead he tries to defend, he likes playing the same players every match day and does not trust his new players, there are also some players who should not be in the first team again like Rakitic and Luis Suarez but he never learns’.


He continued, ‘On administration wise I will put the blame on Bartomeu (Barcelona’s President) for caring about only his selfish desires and not about the club, Segura is clearly the cancer of Barca but instead Bartomeu has not yet sacked him but sacked other staffs, he also does not trust the La Masia and buys a lot of players from other clubs, I hope Bartomeu leaves soon’.

I also made my suggestions known that every coach has their style of play that makes them succeed which does not translate to being a coward, Seyi had this to say ‘There might be benefit in his cowardice on the long run but their will also be consequences, an example is last season against Roma, the game before that which was against Leganes he was supposed to rest key players and let the reserve team play but he did not, even Suarez said he was not supposed to play that game(Leganes).


Now fast forward to the Roma game, all the players looked fatigued, he had to play Roberto and Semedo to defend a 4-1 lead, he benched Dembele who had some good run of games, he also waited 80+ minutes before making substitutions when the tie was over. He is not showing signs of learning from his mistakes and if this continues I do not see us winning the treble which is every Cules dream’.

An argument among all Barcelona supporters is who plays the right back position for Barca, Roberto or Semedo, he weighed in on this, ‘I will say Valverde trusts Roberto more than Semedo, but as things stands now, Semedo is better defensively while Roberto is better offensively, like I said earlier Valverde is a coward , if he gave Semedo more minutes last season he would be a beast now, Roberto is also preferred because he has been at Barca longer’.


The question on every football fan mouth is how Real Madrid can continue to win the titles after the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo and whether they can still cause problems for Barcelona both in Spain and in Europe, he had this to say, ’Yes, they(Madrid) have more quality players than us and given their coach is a possession-based coach while ours is a defensive type, A combined XI of both Barca and Real Madrid: Ter Stegen, Cavajal, Varane, Umtiti, Marcelo, Isco, Busquets, Modric, Coutinho, Messi, Bale’.


He predicted Liverpool and Real Madrid to win this season UCL if Barcelona does not win the competition this year.


That ends my chat with Seyi concerning Barcelona, he made some debatable and controversial comments concerning Barcelona, I hope to speak to him later on this season as Barcelona fight for the treble heats up.

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