Barcelona can get complacent – Fan fears

Barcelona can get complacent Fan-fears

Barcelona can get complacent – Fan fears  are now more pronouced than was previously thought.

Recently a lot of questions had popped up on Barca twitter about Ernesto Valverde, Roberto, Semedo. I have discovered over multiple threads, arguments among fans that this topic is a controversial one for Barca twitter and no fan will truly agree with each other.

But then again, everyone cannot have the same views on the topic as football is a sport that brings about arguments among rival fans and also fans of the same team. A final interview conducted on this and I decided to share with you and maybe I will share my own opinion in due time.

I spoke to Ebi Lawrence on Friday in the hope of putting a rest too this topic, Ebi is a graduate of Political science and Diplomacy, an ardent lover of sports and a supporter of FC Barcelona.

He began his support for Barcelona during the game between Manchester United Vs Barcelona where Paul Scholes scored a stunner to edge out Barcelona, despite the defeat he fell in love with Barca style of play called ‘tiki-taka’ then and started supporting the club, he never looked back since then.

He fell in love with Barca basically because of their style of play back then, so I decided to get his opinion on the present style of play of the club and he was optimistic in his reply, he said ‘Presently I think Barcelona has a good squad, Ernesto Valverde being in his second season at Barcelona still has a lot of work to do, Barcelona seems to have changed their style of play a little away from the tiki-taka style they were widely known for, they now seem more invested in attacking play, with the new players in the squad more training needs to be done to get everyone adjusted to the team’

In a recent blog post, a fan called Ernesto Valverde a coward and he gained support from certain section of the fan base that supported his opinion, Ebi had this to say ‘ Well as I mentioned earlier it was his first season, I think he was being too relaxed and underestimating of the opponents, I really do not think its cowardice,

The UCL being a strange(new) competition for him as a Barcelona coach simply proved to him you do not relax in any game, the players also had a role to play in that Roma game last season’, he continued, ‘Barcelona being a confident team can get complacent at times, I think that was what affected the Roma’s game, as for Ernesto Valverde I see him getting more focused with the team after some lessons were learned last season’.

Another reservations certain Barcelona fans has is who is the better right back for Barcelona going forward, he said ‘I think Semedo is a good player but Sergi(Roberto) is better no doubt, but that does not mean Semedo should be denied playing time, Semedo should start more games often in the league and be given more playing  there, with time he will improve, but in knockout competitions such as UCL, Sergi should start with time Semedo will be stronger than he is’.

On a final note I shared my concerns with the possibility of Jordi Alba being over-used this season because of the lack of proper left-back options with Miranda not yet good enough and still plays with the B-team, he said ‘ That is quite true because if Alba is consistently used the way he is at the moment he will tire out and that is not good for the team, Miranda needs to be more involved in the first team training if he is not already so we can always have a good back up plan’

Ebi also predicted Real Madrid are favorites to win the UCL if Barcelona fails to win it, such a bold statement considering they lost their best player in the summer but they have looked strong so far, all season.

I want to thank Ebi for his time and contributions to this topic. More fan interviews to come as the season becomes much more heated.

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